Reimagining the Georgia Tech Library

Reimagination and Renewal: A Town Hall on Georgia Tech’s Library Next Project

On Thursday, October 22, the Office of the Provost, together with Dean Murray-Rust, will host Reimagination and Renewal: A Town Hall on Georgia Tech’s Library Next Project. Scheduled for 11 a.m. in Clough Auditorium, Room 152, the town hall will discuss the phased approach for the forthcoming renovation and renewal of Price Gilbert and Crosland Tower Library. 

The guiding vision of the renovation is to reimagine the library of the 21st century, enabling Georgia Tech students and faculty to explore the past and design the future by bringing together inspirational spaces, curated content, expert guidance and scholarly communities. Once completed, the renovation doubles current seating capacity, includes virtual browsing and collaborations with Emory University, and will feature a host of new user-centric features for students and faculty including a library store, faculty reading room, teaching and innovation studios, project rooms and collections showcases, among others.